Silverstone Classic 2018

A truly memorable and hot Silverstone Classic this year, where I even got a lap around the track in my brother’s Porsche 993.  I only managed to shoot Friday and Sunday as I was otherwise engaged on ‘The Retro Run’ on the Saturday (images to follow).  Still, I managed to give my new 50mm lens a good try out and with all the amazing machines around, missing one day hardly mattered.

Here’s a small taste of what was there..

DSC_0005DSC_0016DSC_0717DSC_0547DSC_0869DSC_0058DSC_0068DSC_0445DSC_0051DSC_0048DSC_0037DSC_0182DSC_0064DSC_0891DSC_0482DSC_0809 1DSC_0755DSC_0807DSC_0457DSC_0803DSC_0815DSC_0268DSC_0261DSC_0885DSC_0245 1DSC_0235DSC_0293DSC_0279



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