The Paddock at Prescott

The VSCC Prescott Hillclimb

Prescott Speed Hill Climb, nestled in the Cotswold Hills, has to be one of the most picturesque motorsports venues I’ve been to.  It has hosted hillclimbs since 1938 and I doubt it has changed an awful lot in the intervening 80 years.   With its wooden buildings, bridge and fences it oozes old-school charm and is the perfect setting for The Vintage Sports-Car Club’s Speed Championship. A field of one hundred and fifty pre-war cars, in all shapes and sizes,  gathered in the Autumn sun, for the year’s final blast up the hill.

Gears were missed, tyres were screeched and some competitors even ended up in the gravel, in a most entertaining display of man and machine at full commitment. No seat belts, roll-bars or driver aids here. Balls of steel is the expression that springs to mind.

I hope these pictures give you a flavour of the day.





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